…and then it all went terribly wrong

The Fail Bird has been in hibernation (Do birds hibernate? Checking… Google is our friend: Yes.) Life and stuff happens. Had to wake him/her/it up, because this is just priceless.

Seems a little Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles got fed up with something that is an everyday occurrence in restaurants everywhere: people making reservations and not showing up. Instead of just giving that empty table to walk-in guests, as every busy restaurant with happy customers would do, they decided that internet shaming on Twitter would teach a valuable lesson to all those inconsiderate people who actually have a life outside of eating dinner.  An added bonus to this strategy is the side benefit of never having those people spend money with them ever again.

Red Medicine

Below that post was a couple of tweets that named names. And, of course, they got tremendous support, reservation no-shows stopped immediately, and life was beautiful.

Okay, not that. The other thing.

Red Medicine criticism

And the love continued. Not sure if @hurricane13 plans to call those reservations in, or book them online.

Red Medicine flame

The power of suggestion by @AMSTS worked, because then there was this:

Red Medicine accident

And, of course, the table turns:

Red Medicine revenge

Truth: If you make a reservation and don’t show, you’re a jerk. They’re extending the courtesy of holding a table for you, so the least you can do is let them know if your plans change. It’s called common courtesy, which seems to be increasingly uncommon these days. HOWEVER, we’ve been the lucky beneficiary of a no-show before, and will happily take your table if you’re too inconsiderate to take 15 seconds to cancel your reservation.

For the record, we’ve never had to wait for a table for more than 5 minutes past our reservation time, because the places we frequent know how to handle reservations, no-shows, and walk-in customers. Based on the response that @redmedicinela received, we’re guessing they won’t have to figure that out any time soon.

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