Be careful what you wish for

Celebrities live for the moment their name trends on Twitter. It gives them a sense of, as Sally Fields would say, “You like me. You really like me!” How awkward it must be, then, when that treasured moment arrives, and they find themselves trending because everyone is talking about how much they hate them.

Bands, celebrities,and  artists of all types have sucked while performing at professional sporting events for nearly as long as there have been professional sporting events. Who will ever forget Christina Aguilara and her mangled Star-Spangled Banner, the Black Eyed Peas dreadful halftime performance, and the pathetic attempts by Carl Lewis, Roseanne Barr, and Cuba Godding Jr. to sing our national anthem?

We weren’t surprised that Nickelback got the same audience response from their lackluster halftime performance during the Detroit Lions – Green Bay Packers football game. Because twitter is Twitter, plenty of people were more than happy to share their views.

The Packers’ Pat Lee was ejected in the first half after being involved in a scuffle while covering a punt. Evidently, the Nickelback performance drew plenty of flags, itself.

Ndamukong Suh stomped one guy. Nickelback injured thousands, both in the stadium, and the television audience. Fortunately for all who watched at home, we had plenty of avenues of escape.

Why the NFL chose to hire Nickelback, instead of a legedary Motown band was the subject of controversy in the weeks leading up to today’s game. Over 50,000 Detroit fans signed petition in an attempt to convince them to hire someone else. The NFL should have listened; evidently, once the band got on the field, there was no getting them back off.

Actually, Texas A&M deserved the apology

Actually, we think Texas A&M deserves the apology.

Ouch. After that performance, and all the backlash, we’re wondering who is cringing more: Nickelback, or everyone who suffered through today’s performance. One thing is guaranteed: No one is laughing with them.

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