This isn’t funny

We hate celebrities for lots of reasons, but we really hate them for pushing the US government to pass a bill that will censor the internet. This is serious business. If “Protect IP” passes, twitter would be shut down, because they would be responsible for everything everyone posts. So would YouTube, and Facebook, and Google+ and MySpace, okay, nobody really cares about MySpace any more, but still… All sharing sites could be shut down, so that Hollywood can protect their already over-inflated pocketbooks. In fact, any site that they think isn’t doing enough to insure they make enough money (read: even more money than they are worth) could be hit with lawsuits.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, watch this video.

Think we’re kidding? Look at the list of special interest groups behind this bill:

If you haven’t contacted your Congressional Representative about this, please do so now. If you don’t, life on the internet will never be the same.

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