A Class Act

When we woke up this morning, we had a message from alert Honorary Fail Bird Handler @AMtwo that made us all tingly all over. This is the kind of fails that make our day as beautiful as lasers at a rock concert:
Honorary Fail Bird Handler @AMtwo

The link was to a copy of this awesome tweet:
Red Cross beer tweet

The Red Cross is manned (and womanned) by a bunch of hard working folks. We love the Red Cross, ever since they rescued the Fail Bird Handler, and her little girl, in a blizzard several years ago. There is nothing more exhilarating, after being stuck sideways in a ditch on the wrong side of the road in a Plymouth Horizon for 10 hours, as the snow slowly buried the car and her occupants, than the sight of an Army Half Track vehicle cresting the hill ahead, followed by a white van with a big red cross on the side. We’ve donated regularly and often since that day, and would happily buy a beer for anyone who works there.

Some people don’t feel as we do, and that tweet could have turned into a PR disaster. They quickly removed the tweet, and instead of waiting for everyone else to start pointing fingers, poked some fun at themselves:
Red Cross removed tweet

There are many ways the Red Cross could have handled this mess, and they made the right choice. They showed everyone that they are not a big, faceless corporation, but rather, a collection of real people. Every PR agency should take note of the classy way they handled their fumble.

But it gets even better. Dogfish Head Brewery stepped up and, instead of capitalizing on the namedrop, asked their fans to donate to the Red Cross. A class act, followed by another class act.

Red Cross twitter success

Pop over to the Red Cross and donate a bit of your beer money for the week
. Help real people help real people in need.

And, if you’ve already done so, this mama and her little girl thank you very much.

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