Cookie Monster

I want a cookie.
Mom, can I have a cookie?
Can I have a cookie?
Just one cookie?
Can I have a cookie?
Can I have a cookie?
Can I have a cookie?
Can I have a cookie?
Can I have a cookie?
Just one cookie?
Can I have a cooookie?
Come on, Mom, just one cookie?
Can I please have a cookie?
Okay, May I have a cookie?

That’s what we thought of when we saw this stream:


552 tweets; every single one ending in (RT please)

Retweets are a wonderful compliment. When other people retweet what you have to say, it shows that they value what you have to say and want to share it with their friends/followers. There are two camps on retweeting: Copyblogger says that adding “Please RT” to a tweet does increase your retweetability, so it is good to ask your followers to do so. WebAddict is sick of “Please RT” and wishes everyone would stop.

We’re firmly settled in the demilitarized zone between the two camps. If you write interesting tweets, people will retweet you, without you having to ask. But, people do like to be helpful. An occasional RT request is not a bad thing. Asking your followers to RT can help grow your sphere of influence, and bring new followers, or more readers to your blog. When you ask too much, it gets annoying, and if your followers are anything like Mom, you’ll just annoy them enough that eventually there will be no retweets for anyone.

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